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‘Āina Ulu: Event Log (Numbers Served)
‘Āina Ulu: Event Log (Numbers Served)
‘Āina Ulu (AU) partners learn the three sections to complete the Event Log (numbers served) quarterly report.
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Required in NRDS for KS Reporting

  • Q1 - Q4: Numbers Served (Event Log Entries)

  • Q1 - Q4: 3 Images with a Title and Description

  • Q1 - Q4: Complete "KS FY23 O&M Final"

In this article you'll learn to:

Survey: Organizations | Groups

Organizations and groups can be schools, such as Pope Elementary, businesses like Hawaiian Airlines, or community organizations like The Boy Scouts of America.

These are the Collaborators/Partners from the KS Numbers Served excel worksheet.

You must enter organizations/Groups only once, and then you can use them throughout the NRDS database.

  • SELECT "Surveys" from the dropdown menu.

  • CHOOSE "Organizations | Groups" from the list of created surveys.

  • ENTER the name of the organization or group (ex: Pope Elementary)

  • CHOOSE the category that best fits your contact. (ex: DOE School)

    • You can include notes, documents, and photos.

  • Remember to SAVE.

Survey: Contacts | Workers

These are the individuals you want to track through a program. If you wanted to track all the teachers at Pope Elementary, you could enter their names here. Additionally, you can add your staff, interns, individual volunteers, and families.

  • ENTER their First and Last Name "Teacher Name"

  • CHOOSE a Contact Type "School"

  • CHOOSE an Organization "Pope Elementary"

  • CHOOSE information that is important to you.

  • Remember to SAVE.

Survey: Event Log (NS)

This is the section where you will enter the event data used to generate the numbers served report.

  • ENTER your start date.

    • END DATE is not required but available for events that span multiple days with the same participants.

  • ENTER your event name.

  • CHOOSE your event type. (Single, Recurring...)

  • CHOOSE one or more activity categories that best represent the nature of your event.

    • If you want, choose a pre-determined location from the drop-downs or create a new one.

Collaboration Information (KS Numbers Served)

  • CHOOSE your collaboration organization. (you created these in the "organization | group" surveys)

    • If you want, choose contacts or workers (you made these in the "contacts | workers survey)

    • For schools, if you're going to track the grade or grades, select from the list.

  • ENTER event hours and the number of participants in each category.

  • ENTER demographics.

  • Remember to SAVE.

Remember: You can go back and edit if you want to change things.

BULK TAG entries "OK Send to KS"

  • SELECT the entries to be tagged by clicking on the open box on the far left of each entry. The top box selects everything.

  • CLICK on the green "bulk edit" button on the top right of the page.

  • CLICK on the lock next to the "tags" line item in the bulk update window to UNLOCK the tagging feature.

  • CHOOSE the correct tag.

  • CLICK on the green "update" button on the bottom right of the bulk update window.

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