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‘Āina Ulu: Photo Gallery
‘Āina Ulu: Photo Gallery
‘Āina Ulu (AU) partners learn about the photo gallery and its features including: upload and download, adding title and descriptions, tags.
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Required in NRDS for KS Reporting

  • Q1 - Q4: Numbers Served (Event Log Entries)

  • Q1 - Q4: 3 Images with a Title and Description

  • Q1 - Q4: Complete "KS FY23 O&M Final"

In this tutorial, you'll learn to:

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains all of the images you've uploaded as part of your survey entries.

This area is yours to do as you please. You are welcome to create your own tags.

You must upload photos to one of your event log entries at this stage.

If you haven't uploaded any images yet, you can edit your surveys and scroll to the bottom.

If your photos have already been uploaded, you can edit your event log entry and include the necessary information.

How to View and Download Images

  • NAVIGATE to your "Photo Gallery" in the left-hand menu

  • CLICK on an image you want to see information on or download

  • The name and description will overlay your image

  • In the top right, the icon of a cloud with an arrow pointing down will allow you to download the image

  • CLICK off to close

How To Upload Photos

You can upload photos while making an entry or edit an entry and add them later.

  1. EDIT an entry OR Create a new entry

  2. SCROLL to the bottom of the page to the "Photos and Documents" section

  3. DRAG an image or Click to select a file to upload

  4. Once the file is uploaded, add a title and description

  5. Remember to SAVE

How to Add A Title and Description to Photos

You can add a title and description when you upload the image or edit a survey that contains the image.

  1. Once your photo is uploaded, your file name becomes the title. You can edit this to be whatever you want.

  2. Add your text to the description box.

  3. Remember to SAVE.

How To Tag A Photo "OK sent to KS"

  1. In the menu on the left side, scroll down to "Photo Gallery"

  2. In the box "Select or create tags" choose "OK send to KS" and the proper Fiscal Year and Quarter

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