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‘Āina Ulu: Reporting MIN3
‘Āina Ulu: Reporting MIN3
‘Āina Ulu (AU) learn how to export the MIN3 template into an excel or CSV file and then upload the completed file into NRDS and tag for KS.
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Required in NRDS for KS Reporting

  • Q1 - Q4: Numbers Served (Event Log Entries)

  • Q1 - Q4: 3 Images with a Title and Description

  • Q1 - Q4: Complete "KS FY23 O&M Final"

In this article you'll learn to:

Add MIN3 Entries Directly Into NRDS

Enter individual entries straight into the MIN3 survey in NRDS.

  • Navigate to the MIN3 Survey

    1. Menu -> Surveys -> MIN3

  • CLICK on "Add New Survey" on the Top Right

  • COMPLETE the survey

    1. DATE: Single date not a range. Use TODAY if entering on the day of the event

    2. NATIVE HAWAIIAN: Drop-down options are "Yes" | "No" | "No Answer"

  • CHECK the box "Add New Survey" at the bottom left of the screen

  • Remember to SAVE

Export MIN3 Template to Excel or CSV file

EXPORT the MIN3 template to an Excel/CSV file for data entry if you have paper copies of waivers, have collected the MIN3 information online in another format or prefer to work with a spreadsheet.

  • Choose the MIN3 survey from your menu.

  • On the TOP RIGHT, click "EXPORT" and choose CSV or EXCEL.

  • Open the document and save the file to your computer.

ENTER data into the MIN3 Excel/CSV template.

  • The "IDENTIFIER" column A needs to be present. It will be empty for your new entries.

  • The "DATE" column B is a single date. A date range will not work.

  • The "NATIVE HAWAIIAN?" column G is a dropdown in NRDS. The available options are: "Yes" | "No" | "No Answer"

  • The "EVENT NAME," "FIRST NAME," "LAST NAME," "ZIPCODE," and "NOTES" columns C, D, E, F, and H are all text fields.

UPLOAD completed MIN3 Excel/CSV data entries into NRDS.

  1. CLICK on "surveys" and CHOOSE "MIN3"

  2. CLICK the "upload" button on the top right. It's a green button with the up arrow.

  3. CHOOSE the file with your MIN3 data.

  4. CLICK "open"

CHECK that there are no errors for your MIN3 entries in NRDS.

  1. Your entries will show as line items in the upload window.

  2. CLICK on the "Import Surveys" button on the bottom left of the upload window. You may need to scroll down your page to see the upload button if you're on a laptop.

BULK TAG entries "OK Send to KS"

  1. SELECT the entries to be tagged by clicking on the open box on the far left of each entry. The top box selects everything.

  2. CLICK on the green "bulk edit" button on the top right of the page.

  3. CLICK on the lock next to the "tags" line item in the bulk update window to UNLOCK the tagging feature.

  4. CHOOSE the correct tag.

  5. CLICK on the green "update" button on the bottom right of the bulk update window.

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