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‘Āina Ulu: Tag Entries "OK Send To KS" (single and bulk tagging)
‘Āina Ulu: Tag Entries "OK Send To KS" (single and bulk tagging)
‘Āina Ulu (AU) partners learn to tag survey entries "OK Send To KS" to submit reporting data to Kamehameha Schools (KS)
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Required in NRDS for KS Reporting

  • Q1 - Q4: Numbers Served (Event Log Entries)

  • Q1 - Q4: 3 Images with a Title and Description

  • Q1 - Q4: Complete "KS FY23 O&M Final"

In this article you'll learn to:

Tagging Entries "OK send to KS" + correct Fiscal Year and Quarter.

After you've completed the survey entries, you'll tag each entry with one of the specified tags for submission to KS.

This is a one-way data exchange between you (the partner) and KS. It is a read-only copy of your data unchangeable from outside your portal.

Once you've tagged an entry or photo, it will be forwarded to KS Admin and made visible to their team. While this link is active, updates will be sent to KS.

The link will close after KS has approved your report and entries and notified NRDS.

How To Tag A Survey Entry While Entering Data

ADD a new survey or EDIT an existing one

  • Note: The first item at the top is where you can add tags.

CHOOSE the correct FY and Q tag from the dropdown list

COMPLETE the survey

Remember to SAVE

CHECK your tag on the main survey list view

How To Tag A Survey Entry

  • Open the NRDS Web App on your computer.

  • Navigate to the item you'd like to tag.

    • Survey -> Event Log (Numbers Served)

    • Survey -> KS FY23 O&M Final

  • Click "EDIT"

  • Under "TAGS," click in the open space on the entry you'd like to tag.

  • Choose the appropriate tag based on the date.

    1. "OK send to KS FY 22-23 Q1" (July | Aug. | Sept.)

    2. "OK send to KS FY 21-22 Q2" (Oct. | Nov. | Dec.)

    3. "OK send to KS FY 22-23 Q3" (Jan. | Feb. | March)

    4. "OK send to KS FY 22-23 Q4" (April | May | June)

  • Remember to SAVE & Click EDIT to complete the tagging.

Tag in the entry

How To Bulk Tag Entries

  • SELECT the entries to be tagged by clicking on the open box on the far left of each entry. The top box selects everything.

  • CLICK on the green "bulk edit" button on the top right of the page.

  • CLICK on the lock next to the "tags" line item in the bulk update window to UNLOCK the tagging feature.

  • CHOOSE the correct tag.

  • CLICK on the green "update" button on the bottom right of the bulk update window.

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