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‘Āina Ulu: NRDS Overview
‘Āina Ulu: NRDS Overview
‘Āina Ulu (AU) partners learn to navigate the NRDS interface and how to add account users.
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Required in NRDS for KS Reporting

  • Q1 - Q4: Numbers Served (Event Log Entries)

  • Q1 - Q4: 3 Images with a Title and Description

  • Q1 - Q4: Complete "KS FY23 O&M Final"

In this article you'll learn to:

Once you've created your account, here are the steps to set up your ‘Āina Ulu (AU) NRDS database.

Account Login

LOGIN with the email address and password you chose when you set up your ‘Āina Ulu (AU) account.

PRO TIP: Bookmark the NRDS link for easy access.

NRDS Aina Ulu Website Workflow

NRDS Aina Ulu Mobile Workflow

Add New User

  • SELECT "User / Logins" from the menu.

  • SELECT "Invite User" at the top right side of the screen.

  • ENTER the email address of the person whose profile you want to add.

  • SELECT their role.

  • SAVE the file.

    • The invited individual will receive an email welcoming them to your team and prompting them to create a login.

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