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Editable table repeating section tutorial
Editable table repeating section tutorial

How to switch from form view to a table view

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1.) First things first, we need to know how to set up a repeating section template. Follow the tutorial below or click this link.

2.) Then go ahead and add your desired questions to the section.

3.) You may also set the default style of the section to either show as a form or a table

(Side note: you may also choose to set the section to repeat by expanding the section details and setting a repeating limit as shown below. This allows you to save multiple sections within the survey.)

3.) Once you have done that, you may now go to your template's dedicated survey, and a new survey. From here you will now see in the top right corner of your survey, you are able to switch back and forth from a form view to the table view.

(Form View)

(Table View)

4.) Clicking the edit icon will allow you to modify the table view.

5.) You may also switch from Form view to Table view in your survey details.

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