We have added a new feature that allows you to create your own "surveys" or forms

It consists of two parts - templates and surveys

Templates are where you set up your questions

Surveys are the answers to those questions

Question types

Question Type





Date Time


Multi Select


Text Area





From the select menu you can create custom items or connect to an existing list of features like contacts or points or polygons

Watch these videos to learn more

Creating Sections (subforms)

Sections are a great way to group a series of questions. The help to organize information and make the form easier on the eyes

  • Sections can be singular or repeated

  • Repeated sections can be limited to a certain number

To create a section

  1. Click add section

  2. Add questions to the section

  3. Enter a limit to the number of questions

On the form It will look like this and you can add multiple subforms for areas worked

On the we

On Mobile

Embeded Subforms - Embed One survey in another

Connect spatial Data

Calculated Fields

You can do math within a survey.

  1. Add some decimal or integer number fields

  2. Add a decimal or integer number field that is a calcualted field

  3. Add the calculation

    Here is a video example

Download Data

Upload Data From Spreadsheet

Share a template between teams

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