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Section conditional logic setup for templates
Section conditional logic setup for templates
How to show/hide whole section with conditional logic in a survey on web and mobile
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In order to set up a conditional section, we must have a question that determines whether the section is shown or hidden, and the section itself.


1.) For this example, we will add our question that will determine whether our section is shown or hidden, which will be a required select question.

2.) Next we will add our conditional section:

3.) Adding our conditional logic: If the choice selected in the "Trap Checked?" question is "Yes", show our hidden section:

4.) Don't forget to uncheck show in form display option!

5.) Add questions to your conditional section, for our example I added a required date and time type question called "Time checked", as well as a select type question

6.) Now, if we go into our survey, by default out section should be hidden, until we click the checkbox


1.) Locate your conditional logic survey

2.) By default, your hidden section should not show if nothing or No is selected

3.) Once I select Yes I should be able to see the hidden section

4.) From here I fill the required and/or any additional fields and save!

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