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Survey and Template Conditional Logic
Survey and Template Conditional Logic

Customize what questions show hide, make calculations or default to based on other questions or their answers

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If the answer to a question is X -> show or hide question Y

How to set up conditional logic on web:

What conditional logic looks like on NRDS mobile:


1) Edit a template

2) Scroll to or add a question then click the Conditional Logic tab

3) Click Add Rule

4) Fill in Results field OR click Add Expression (see step 5) to add to the logic

5) Click Add Expression to add the condition - the IF part

  • Use the formula builder or the dropdown list to make your expression

  • You can drag and drop the tiles in the Expression field to reorder them

  • You can type in numbers for specific calculations

  • Click the (?) for examples of expressions

  • Don't forget to fill in the THEN and adjust settings as needed

The IF part

Question Type - You can choose from integer/decimal, select, multi select, or checkbox

Question Source - You can choose the source

  • Custom Select - shown above, start from scratch to get the conditional logic you want

  • Teams - evaluate using a team select - for organizations that manage multiple teams

  • Templates - select if you are adding conditional logic to an embedded survey, then choose questions for that survey

Expression - The statement to evaluate

  • Click the (?) for help/examples

  • Remember to put variables in "quotes" (team variables do not go in quotes)

Rules for single select

Rules for multi-select

Copy and Paste Logic

To speed things up, you can copy an expression from one question and paste it in another. Check out the this tutorial to learn more.

The Results - the THEN part

The "Then" statement depends on your question type!

  • Should the question show in the form or details?

  • Should the answer be required?

  • Should the question be read only?

  • Result: This field allows you to choose a default that will happen when your "IF" statement happens.

    • If your question is text or an integer/decimal, type the default text/number you'd like to appear

    • If your question is a select, you can choose what from your template or custom list you would like the answer to default to.

      • For example: I create a custom select question with types of food based on an animal that eats the food. I create an "IF" statement that says if the animal = bunny, my "Then" statement defaults to veggies. I also add an "IF" statement that says if the animal = dog, my "Then" statement defaults to meat.

      • Now we can see the result when we press one of those two options in our survey

      • We could also add another type of "Then" statement as well. If we wanted an automatic serving size to show up based on the animal you choose, we would just create an "IF" statement that says if the animal = dog, my "Then" statement defaults to serving size "2"

      • Now you can automate and change certain entries in your surveys as you please!

Trouble shooting

  • If your results still show in the form

    • Make sure that if "show in form" is CHECKED in the "Then" statement, it is UNCHECKED in the display settings

If you have any issues, please send a note to or in the chat and provide screenshots and a link to your form! We are happy to help.

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