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How to set up scheduling surveys with default messages
How to set up scheduling surveys with default messages
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• Before setting up default messages, it is important to refer to our tutorial on How to set up a scheduling survey:

• Once you have a scheduling survey set your template should look like the image shown below.

• From here, you are able to give a default value to all of the options shown below, as with creating any other question in a template.

• By pressing the ⓘ icon in the message entry box, it will allow you to choose from the following template variables, along with any text questions in the template with default text, which you can click on to add to the message.

• Here is an example of what a default message would look like:

• When you go to create a survey, your default message will appear in the message entry box. You are also able to edit the message it in the survey without it changing the original you made in the template.

• And when a user opens the sent email or text message, it will look something like this:

Hope that helps!

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