You can now send out messages with NRDS. These messages can link to surveys or have embeded data in them

Here is a video

How to set it up

  1. Create the surveys you want to send. In this case we have a hunter checkin and hunter check out

    1. When an user fills out the "Hunting Permits" they will set up a schedule to send out the "Hunter Check In" and "Hunter Reports Check Out"

  2. In the template create a scheduling question that refrers to the "Check In" Survey

How to use it

  1. Create a Hunting permit survey

  2. Select Add respondant for the surveys you want to send out

  3. Fill in the schedule

  4. • By pressing the ⓘ icon in the message entry box, it will allow you to choose from the following options, which you can click and will appear in the text entry.

    • Here is an example of what a default message would look like:

    • When you go to create a survey, your default message will appear in the message entry box. You are also able to edit the message it in the survey without it changing the original you made in the template.

    Email Message:

    Text Message:

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