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Duplicating Survey Entries
Duplicating Survey Entries
Learn to duplicate survey entries on the web and mobile app for easy data entry.
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Use this technique when you have multiple entries where majority of the data fields are the same, but an item (a few items) need to be updated. For example, you are entering harvest data from the same day but the quantity and patch change.

In This Lesson Youʻll Learn:

Duplicate Survey on Web App

  • OPEN/CREATE a survey and add your data.

  • CHECK the box next to "add survey" at the bottom of the screen.

  • CHECK the box next to "repeat (copy)"

  • Your survey is saved and a copy remains open on your screen.

    1. Youʻll see the "Copy + Number" at the top left of your survey.

  • EDIT the copy of the survey.

  • REMEMBER to SAVE or continue adding additional duplicates.

  • VIEW the list of surveys on the main survey screen.

Duplicate Surveys on Mobile App

  • COMPLETE & SAVE survey entry.

  • CLICK on the three (3) dots on the Top Right

  • CHOOSE "Duplicate"

  • CHOOSE "Ok" when prompted "Duplicate Survey?"

  • EDIT the entry with updated data points.

  • SAVE entry.

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