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How to update the child survey from parent survey
How to update the child survey from parent survey
A tutorial on how to use our Parent and Child survey feature
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The purpose of this feature is to update a form dynamically with values from another select form. In other words, you are able to fill out a main parent survey, and have select questions from it fill as default values in a linked child survey.

In order to use our Child/Parent survey feature let's see how we can set our template to use that feature!

1.) First we will create the parent template. For this example we will name this template "Reservoir" and we'll linking the following questions below to our child template: the reservoir's name, the last time we checked it, and the last level we measured it to be.

2.) Now that we have saved our parent template we can now create our child template and link our desired questions. In order to do that, add a select type question and select the templates source.

3.) Following that you will see a new dropdown appear that will let you link your parent survey and your child survey. From here you will select your parent survey.

4.) Next you will select your desired questions from your parent template to be linked to your child template.

5.) Now we must add a question in our child template that can receive our saved values from the parent template. For this example we will add a question named "Level when you arrived" that will correspond to "Last level" from the parent template. This question is an integer type question so we'll need to add the same type question in our template. When selecting a value for linked question, make sure you add the name of the question where we linked our parent survey (step 3), in this example the question was named "Reservoir". As for the default question we will add "Last level" Your templates are now complete!

Parent/Child Survey demo

1.) Head over to your parent template's corresponding survey and fill the necessary information. For this example I set the "Last level" value to be 65

2.) Once you have saved that you may open your child template's corresponding survey and select the parent survey you had just made.

3.) Because "Last level" and "Level when you arrived" were linked, you will notice that the value will auto fill!

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