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Send a survey form out to anonymous or named users great for public facing forms and surveys

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This feature allows you to send a public facing form out to users. The link is unique to the email you send it to. However since it is just a link and there is no log in anyone can fill out the form.

There are a few restrictions and improvements yet to come

Custom select lists only ! The survey cannot contain any restricted data. That means that anything from built in lists or features cannot be used in a question.

Here is how you use it

  1. Create a new survey template or select an existing one with no restricted data

  2. Edit the template

  3. Select the external links tab

  1. Fill in the email and start and end dates of your respondants

  2. Save

  3. The respondant will get an email with a link

  4. The link is unique to the respondant

  5. The response is linked to the email you set up

  6. If you want to just set up a link that is not linked to a specific email use your email get the link and send it out

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