Hookuaaina: Raw Kalo Orders

In this tutorial you'll learn how to reconcile payments for raw kalo and lau orders.

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Reconcile Payment for Raw Kalo and Lau Orders

Sign in to your NRDS account on the Web App

Navigate to Dashboards -> Raw Kalo Orders

Filter for unpaid not invoiced orders

  • Kokua = NO

  • Invoice Needed = No

Note: If you don't use any filters, all unpaid orders will appear in the order reconciliation section.

Scroll Down to "Zack: Money Count"

Find the order you're accepting payment for

Clicking on the "Survey URL" link will open the survey for you to edit

Click the box with the pencil on the right to edit the entry.

Scroll down to the "Payment Collected" section

  1. Check the box to mark "Paid."

  2. Choose Payment Date

  3. Choose Payment Type

  4. Enter Amount Collected

  5. Choose Payment Collector

  6. Scroll down to SAVE

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