Quick collect is a feature that adds a shortcut to the map that opens a survey form

Set up on the web

  1. Navigate to templates

  2. Edit or create a new template

  3. Check the "Quick Collect" check box

  4. Select the action

    1. Save - Saves the data with out opening the form - and saves with default values

    2. Open - Opens up the form with any defaults - the user must click save to return to the map

  5. Select the tally field - this is a question that will be summed up on the map

Mobile Set up

  • Turn it on - in settings enable the quick collect option

  • Reset the counter

    Reset the counter to reset the tallys. This does not change the underlying data only the tally on the button

  • Press the buttons

Current issues

  • Must have a count field

  • If you default the location - the point on the mobile map does not link to a form yet

• Quick collect is now able to be moved around your work space, and we have now added deploy and retrieve samples to the menu

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