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Quick Collect for Mobile- A survey shortcut button on the mobile map
Quick Collect for Mobile- A survey shortcut button on the mobile map

A quick collect feature that adds a shortcut for survey data collection on the NRDS Aina Mobile app

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Quick collect is a feature that adds a shortcut to the map that opens a survey form

Set up on the web

  1. Navigate to templates

  2. Edit or create a new template

  3. Click the "Quick Collect" tab

  4. Check the "Active" check box

  5. Select the action

    1. Save - Saves the data with out opening the form - and saves with default values

    2. Open - Opens up the form with any defaults - the user must click save to return to the map

  6. Select the Totals Field - this is the question that will be summed up on the map

  7. If you would like to add multiple "Quick Collect" shortcuts for one feature, click the "Add Option" button

  8. Now you can edit individual Quick Collect shortcuts:

    1. Check the box to make a specific shortcut active or not active

    2. Select whether you would like to save data with default values or open the form

    3. Choose default values

Mobile Set up

  • Turn it on - in settings enable the quick collect option

  • Reset the counter

    Reset the counter to reset the tallys. This does not change the underlying data only the tally on the button

  • Press the buttons

Current issues

  • Must have a count field

  • If you default the location - the point on the mobile map does not link to a form yet

• Quick collect is now able to be moved around your work space, and we have now added deploy and retrieve samples to the menu

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