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Add New Survey Records on NRDS Web
Add New Survey Records on NRDS Web

Adding new surveys one at time or in bulk

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Adding survey entires one at a time

1) Log in to NRDS web app

2) Click Surveys tab on the side bar

3) Select survey you want to add an entry to from the survey dropdown list

4) Click Add Survey in top right corner

5) Fill out the form then click Save at the top or bottom of the form

Bulk uploading survey entries

1) Navigate to list view of your survey entries

2) Select Export -> Excel to download the template

3) Prepare your spreadsheet in excel by either:

  • Deleting any data downloaded with the template from NRDS and replacing it with your data to upload

  • OR using the template to duplicate the format (same # of columns) in a new spreadsheet

4) Save your excel spreadsheet

5) Return to the survey list view and click Upload

6) Follow the prompts in the popup to upload your file

7) When you get to the Import Surveys tab, click Evaluate import

8) Review entires and fix any issues. If you get an error message, make edits in excel to correct the issues, then repeat steps 5-8 to reupload edited sheet

9) If all looks correct, click Import Surveys. All entires will be uploaded and can be seen in list view.

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