App overview

The NRDS App has two parts

  • A web site at - to edit data set up drop downs, add and manage users

  • A Mobile app android | iOS - for collecting data in the field

For an overview of the app watch these videos

Mobile Overview

Web Overview

Adding Users and Contacts

  • Users are people with logins

  • Contacts are people that you interact with that may or may not have access to the system

  • They are seperate lists - so you need to add people to both lists sometimes

  • You can link the two lists

Checking Traps on Mobile

Checking Data on The Web Site

Updating the Africanized Honey Bee Swarm Trap Processing

Here is the workflow to add the results of Africanized Honey Bee Swarm Trap Processing

  1. Go to

  2. On the main dashboard you will see the trap checks that have bees collected

  3. Navigate down on the left hand side to Surveys -> AHB Swarm Processing

  4. Click Add Survey on the top right

  5. When the form opens fill in the fields - some fields reference the trap data from the collectors

    • Trap Check Date - date trap was collected in the field

    • Date Trap Received - the date the trap was received in the lab

    • Trap - the trap id from the trap checkers

    • Date PCR complete - date the PCR was done

    • Checked by - who did the analysis

    • AHB Present - Was there AHB present

    • Additional swarm fields

  6. Click Save

Mosquito Trap Import

How to import data from HDOA mosquito spreadsheets

  1. Goto

  2. On the left hand side navigate to Surveys -> Mosquito Trap Import

  3. On the top right export the excel template

  4. Make sure the spreadsheet you are importing matches the fields in the template exactly

  5. Save your sheet

  6. Click on the green import button on the top right

  7. Drag and drop or navigate to your upload

  8. Fix any errors and then reupload the fixed sheet

  9. Click Import surveys


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