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Adding Custom Imagery To the NRDS Aina Mobile App
Adding Custom Imagery To the NRDS Aina Mobile App

Add custom drone or map imagery to the NRDS Aina App.

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These instructions show you how to side load files. There is now a better way. Adding imagery from hosted web services is now very efficient.

Follow these instructions to get topos or other hosted imagery. Contact us if you want something special hosted

Now you can add custom imagery to the NRDS Aina App. The imagery must be projected as Web Mercator, Tiled and Zipped up. We can help process it if you need.

This allows the imagery to be available offline

We have been creating the tiles using qgis. But there are several other ways to do it.

  1. Tile the imagery and Zip up the files - or have us do it for you

  2. Upload the files to the device

  3. Do not unzip the files on the device


  • Use icloud account to add the zipped up files to the device

  • Do not unzip them

Here is a demo

On Android

  • Connect the device to a computer and add the files or download them to the device via dropbox

3. From the Menu -> Select Add Map Layers

4. Select Zipped Tiles

5. Select Upload

6. Select Browse

7. Choose your dowloaded Zipped File

8. It may take a while to process

9. Success !!

10. Your imagery is now available as a background layer

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