Pulama -> KESRP Import for MS Access

Export data from web app and import into ms access via metabase

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1. Export the data from metabase

  • Metabase go into the tables 

  •  Pulama Burrow Check Export 

  • Pulama Camera Check Export

  • You need the Burrows to get the cameras

2. Filter to get what you want then run the query

3. Download By Clicking the Down Arrow

4. Rename the Files 

5.  Change the File Extension to .xls

  • Todays date as YYYYMMDD

  • YYYYMMDDLanai Camera Check.xls

  • YYYYMMDDLanai Burrow Check.xls

6. Change the Tab Names in the Excel File

  • Camera

  • Burrow

7. Put the Files in "C:\Fieldwork\KESRP\iFormImport\

8. Push the Button

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