We are excited to release some updates to the NRDS ʻĀina Mobile app. There is an update in the app store but most importantly close the app (home button and swipe)  and reopen. Check that the app version is 55.a or greater. Also to get event log or song meters you may need to log out then log back in.  

Please let us know if there are any issues, slow spots, or other problems


New Features

  • Added Event Log to Mobile


  • Added Song Meters

  • Tracking Should not Spike as much on ios - there is still a super anoying feature where tracking on ios does not start for 20 or so meters after you start walking.

  • Recently Checked Traps and other features Change Color after you check them you can adjust the time period under settings

  • You can edit the point name from species observations or event log

  • Trap and Feature Names are On Work Form at the top

  • Planting Action are Buttons instead of dropdowns

  • Trap Departure Status and Bait are Buttons now

  • Photo loading is more stable

  • Updated Burrow Check List to show all past observations that = yes

  • Editable Vertext of lines


  • Fixed Planting Hours bug

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs

  • Fixed repeat button for small phones

Next Release Plants

  • Editing of work from the work menu

  • Custom loaded imagery

  • Individual Plants and Seed collection/ Harvest

  • Custom fields and show/ hide

  • Nursery App

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