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How to resolve invalid polygon geometry
How to resolve invalid polygon geometry
If your polygon geometry is invalid or does not work in arcgis here is how to resolve it
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Oh no your polygons are invalid. It's ok you are still a good person.

Usually it because the lines self overlap. 

Probably a result of drawing a polygon with your finger or tracking with the GPS.

This is fine on NRDS but it messes up arcgis integration and some queries.

The solution it to clean up the overlap

Sometimes they are really tiny and you have to look for them.

  1. Edit polygon 

  2. Click map

  3. Find the overlap 

  4. Shift click to delete the ovelaping nodes

  5. Save

  6. Confirm your polygon is valid

If its a  really complicated polygon or does not work please contact us and we can help fix it

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