Download the windows version from here V 1.18.7 Windows

Download the mac version (beta) from here V 1.18.7 Mac

Want to check out the new version with auto classification? Find it here

camera review app to quickly go through field and game cameras. The app is installed on the desktop. Photos are accessed from the desktop machine. As the user reviews photos the mark the ones they want to keep and click on the species that they want to observe. This saves the selected photos to the cloud and organizes them as species observations.

You can now save an observation template for quick photo tagging.

Need To Consolidate Your Photo Files Into One Folder?

Set up your list of review taxa 

  • On the web app go to taxa - taxa list and populate the "Camera Review" list

Request permissions

contact to make sure you have to correct permissions to use the review app

Download and install the app

you can download the app from here

Download the windows version from here V 1.18.7 Windows

Download the mac version (beta) from here V 1.18.7 Mac

Get started

  • Open up the app

  • Log in

Create a Review

  • Click Add Review

  • select the folder where your photos are stored - make sure you select the lowest level folder where the photos are stored 

  • Select the camera location and check date where your photos are from

  • Add camera placement and notes

  • Create your review!!

Start/ Continue a Review

  • On the main review page select the  review  and click view

Review The Photos

  • from the review page click Continue

  • If there are previous observations they will show here

  • you can edit the observations here as well

Scan and Review Photos

  • Scroll down to view photos

  • Click the magnifying glass to go into single photo mode

  • Here you can hold down the right or left arrow to play through photos or single click

Select Photos for Observations

  • click the checkbox to select the photos you want to record

  • you can select as many as you want or just the first and last of the observation

  • you can shift select multiple photos

  • Once selected click the taxa you want to observe on the right side of the app

Observation form

  • once you click a taxa the observation form will popup

  • fill it out

  • you can add other taxa

  • Click Create Observation

Edit and Existing Observation 

  • if you made a mistake you can edit the observation under the observation tab

Save an Observation Template

Observation templates allow you to save an observation form and quickly apply it to other photos. For example counting rats or marking the first arrival or a species.

  • Mark photos and select a taxon

  • Click save as template on the observation form

  • Name the template

  • The template is now available on the Obs Templates tab

Delete an observation Template

If you no longer want to save the observation template

  • Create an observation

  • Select observation template from the top

  • Click trash can for the one you want to delete

What Do the Colors Mean?

  • Colors on the bottom of the photo indicate a difference of > 5minutes between photos so you can separate events easily

  • Blue squares indicate photos that have been tagged in events. This only lasts for a session

  • Green checkmark indicates the last photo you were looking at either when scanning in big screen mode or opening and closing a review. This is to help you find your place

Complete A Review 

  • when you are finished click End Review

  • You will be prompted to Continue Later or to Complete Review

  • If you select continue later it will save your position and when you open the review again you will start at that photo

Check out the observations on the web app

  • observations and photos get save to the site under

  • search the date or for camera review

Change the photo folder path

  • Change photo path - if you need to change the photo path of the review click edit from the main review page

  • Warning if you select a folder with a different set of photos this will change the indexes and mess up your review

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