Clean up site logs are attached to polygons. You can have multiple logs for the same polygon. 

Lists to update dropdown

You will want to populate these lists on the web to use the app

  • Contacts

  • Event Types

Get the app

Download and install instructions here


Login Instructions here

Fetch data

get your data so you can see the old stuff or add site log to an existing site

  • To get the past data polygons, past data, populate drop downs ect. you must "fetch data" currently data does not automatically get fetched from the server 

  • You want to select Polygons and Site Logs

Go offline

working with out internet? 

  • this is optional if you are going off line or want to collect data offline you can switch

  • data will be stored locally until you push

  • data that is locally saved and not pushed to the server will appear as red

Add or Select A Polygon

Ready to collect a log? You must attach it to an area

  • Select an existing polygon

  • Or add a new polygon

  • Click data on the drawer

  • Click add site log

Fill in the site log form

  • fill in the form

  • use the counter or select the number to add to it

  • click "nothing found" if there is nothing

  • Add pictures - you can take photos or select from device


all done? save and go back to the map

Go online

  • back online or in the office and have records to push?


  • push data back to the server if you were working offline

  • You want to be in site with good internet

  • if you were in a connected environment you do not need to do this 

Check out your data on web site


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