Here is a list of updates and changes if you do not have access to these features or have any suggestions or questions please let me know


  • We updated the mobile app you do not need to update in the app store just kill the app and reopen it. It should ask you to relogin and the version should be .47

Web Updates 

  • Added Work sub categories - add a work category and you can easily split your hours up

  • Added Planting ¬†- harvest, fertilizer, prep

  • Event logs - can link to events if the name of Event type is the same name as a work type

  • Optimized performance of some tables

  • Customizable worker types

  • Added vehicle and mileage tracking

Mobile Update

  • Added harvest/prepare/fertilize to mobile app for planting

  • Added species observations

  • Added Auto reset traps

  • Added Camera checks

  • Added Species observations

  • Added Site logs

  • Added Burrow checks

  • Added a work flow to move and rename camera locations and traps

  • Added water quality monitoring

  • Added nearshore monitoring

  • Added Pond monitoring

  • Add Work lists so you can view the work you did - its read only right now

  • Faster and more stable drawing

Coming Soon

  • Better filtering of features on mobile

  • Nursery

  • Individual Plantings and observations

  • Fence work on mobile

  • Snares on mobile

  • Tracking tunnels on mobile

  • Work sub categories on mobile

  • Desktop Photo review app

  • Song meters

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