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Fetch Data
fetch data to take it with you so you can work on or offline
currently you need to fetch data to update all dropdown lists

  1. Weed Points

  2. Polygons

  3. Work Lists

Filter The Map
if you map is busy with spaghetti you can filter the features to just what you want to see. There are preset filters by week, month, 6 month and year.

Click on the filter button on the right side of the app and set your filter. Remember you did this and don't freak out because you think you deleted your data.

Add Weed Points
"add unbound weed points"

  1. Click and hold on points

  2. Select unbound weed point

  3. Add the data

  4. Repeat if you want to use it as a counter

  5. Save

Create Or Select a Polygon and add Weed Control Info

  1. Add or select your polygon 

  2. Add weed control 

  3. Add detections - or not if you are taking points then you can bind them in the office

  4. Add targets

  5. Add herbicide totals

  6. Add work hours

Push Data to the server

If you are working off line you need to push data when you come back on
If there is data to sync it will be red and the push icon will show you the number of records to push

Back in the office check out these instructions

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