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Populate the drop down lists 

  1. Control Methods

  2. Control Method Types -

  3. Weed Purposes -

Weed Taxon Targets

Add the target taxa to your weed taxa list

Pesticides and Cocktails
Mix your herbicide cocktails

  1. Pesticides

  2. Diluents

  3. Surfactants

  4. Cocktails

Note Cocktails Must = 100% so even if you have no diluent or surfactant you must enter a 0 into the value

All weed control events are based on polygons so acreage can be calculated - you can create a 0 acre "no survey" polygon if you need to

Add polygons by 

  1. Adding them on the web

  2. Adding them directly in the weed control work - as you enter data - see below

  3. Add them on the mobile app

  4. Load them up from a shapefile

Unbound Weed Detections
unbound weed detections are weed detections (points) that are independent of any work. You can bind them to a control work. This allows you to have multiple data collectors and aggregate that data into a single session.

  1. Add them on the web

  2. Add them on mobile

  3. Upload from a gps 

Weed Control Work

  1. View and sort data

  2. Add a record

  3. Edit a record

  4. Enter Top level data

  5. Draw or Select Polygons

  6. Add Detections 

  7. Add Targets

  8. Polygon level herbicide - caution not to double enter both at detection and polygon 

  9. Add Work Hours

  10. Save - Bind Unbound weed detectiond

  11. Add Photos

Dashboards and Reports
We can add custom dashboards and reports

ArcGIS layers

We can provide ArcGIS layers with direct access to NRDS data so you can display your data and create maps in arcgis desktop, arcgis online or QGIS


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