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Install App

click the link above for installation and app overview instructions

Log in

You need to log in to use trapping

Fetch Trap Data
Fetching trap,  trap check, trap, group, and work list  data pulls the traps, trap checks, and populates drop down lists.


Currently the app does not upload automatically from the server so you should fetch before you do a trap check

View/ Navigate to Traps

  1. You can click on a trap and select it

  2. Long press on the search and you can get a list

  3. Search for the trap name

  4. Menu -> Data and look for your trap

Add a new trap

  1.  Press on point button

  2. Select Live Trap

  3. Name it or press save

  4. Click "Data" to change trap data

  5. Fill in the trap data (name, trap group, trap type, ect.)

Check A Trap

  1. Select or find the trap

  2. From the pop up click check

  3. Or from the trap's data menu scroll down

  4. Fill in the trap check

  5. If you click Capture - scroll down and add a capture

Repeating Trap Data 

  1. If you want the data to default to the last trap check

  2. Switch on repeat to repeat the trap check data for new trap checks

Remove a Trap From The Field

  1. To remove a trap from a location in the field set departure status to "removed - permanent" (This is different form Closed/Temp removed - thats just a temp closure or removal)

  2. Its should set the removal date to the check date

Relocate A Trap

This is when you are moving the trap far away. This process will deactivate the current trap and create a new trap with a new name. The prefix of the trap name will be copied over to the new trap. The suffix will be date and time

  1. Click on the trap or select it from the data menu

  2. If you click move and you move it you get a message box

  3. Select relocate - if it warns you you must deactivate the trap

  4. Deactivate the trap by adding a check and selecting remove for the departure status or on the the data menu change trap status to deactivated and add an end date

  5. It may not show up on the map because the trap is deactivated but the data drawer should show.

  6. Now move the trap and select relocate

  7. A new trap will be created with the prefix of the old trap and a new suffix

Move a Trap (fix the location)
this is when you are just fixing the location of the trap and you dont care if check or capture data is associated with the new location. If you are relocating the trap see below.

  1. Click the move button

  2. You get a message box 

  3. Choose fix

  4. Click move to me or tap on the screen where you want to move the trap to

  5. Or click on the screen to move it

  6. Caution this will move the trap not create a new trap location 

Edit Trap Data

  1. To edit trap metadata click the menu in traps

  2. Click edit

  3. save

Working off line? Push data to the server

  1. If you are working offline you need to push the data to the server when you get back on

  2. Make sure you have good signal especially if you have a lot of data and photos

  3. Icon at top left will indicate that there is data to push

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