Here is an overview video with the entire mobile planting work flow

Here is how you use the app

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Learn How to Use the app

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authenticate with your user name and password 

  • Login to the app

Fetch data

you need to grab all the dropdown lists and permissions
you also may want to pull in your old data so see whats going on

  • To get data off the server fetch it

  • You can choose what to fetch - for example you may not want to pull all the polygons

Filter Data

If you have a lot of overlap - from years of restoration and weed work you can easily filter your points, lines, and polygons by week, month, 3 month, 6 month

click the filter button on the right side of the screen select a filter. Remember you did this so you don't freak out and think you deleted your data

Add a new or select an existing polygon

  • add a new polygon or select an existing one

  • click on it

  • click details

Add a Planting 

  • the app is set up so you can associate multiple plants with a plating action

  • click add planting

  • enter the date and the action

  • Selecting the action changes the type of subforms - selecting mixed will show all the actions

  • If you try to add more than one planting on the same day it will warn you

Add a Harvest

  • log taxon/ variety

  • units

  • destination

  • value

  • amount received

  • notes

Add Preparations

  • preparation (mulch, till ect)

  • notes

Add Fertilizer

  • fertilizer

  • units

  • notes

Add Weed Control

  • action

  • pesticide

  • amount

  • notes

Add Plants

  • Click add plants or select an existing record to edit it

  • You can add varieties or propagule types

  • fill in the form (Taxon, Quantity, Propagule are required)

  • you can pick from select buttons or drop downs

  • clicking on the number field allows you to type in a number

  • Save and you have the option to add another, duplicate the record or finish


Log Worker Hours

  • Add worker hours to track your effort

  • Save and you have the option to add another, duplicate the record or finish 

Add Photos

  • Add photos for the event

  • Add photos with your camera or select from the gallery

Save the Planting 

  • don't forget to save

View Your Data On the Web

  • log in to

  • navigate to work > planting

  • view, edit, export your data

Working offline

  • This entire work flow works off line

  • You must fetch data before you go off line

  • Data not pushed to server will be red

  • Tip - zoom to your area of interest before you go offline and the imagery will cache

  • Data that has not been synced to the server will appear red on the map and the menu will show the number or records that need to be synced in to the app

Push Data

  • Data that is local to your device and not on server will appear red

  • when you are back online push your data to the we app

  • It should now show up online

Adding to dropdown lists

Check out customizable totals and analytics

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