We separated the push and pull of data to and from the web to help with users that have lots of data on their maps and bad internets

To get this functionality you must have a login and be logged in

With a login to NRDS.io a user can  push and pull data between the web app

Any issues or error messages please let us know 

The basic of the app are in this tutorial 

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions


OK Read on...


Feature - something you draw

Mobile app - whats on your phone

Web app - data stored in the cloud

Sync = push to web app - features 

Fetch = pull data from web app

Online = connected to internet

Offline = not connected to the internet

Feature Colors

Purple polygon - synced to web - everything is the same on mobile and web

Red Polygon - stored locally on device or new or edited on device - not yet on the web

Orange - Line synced to web - same on web and mobile

Red Line - new or edited on mobile and not synced to web

Red Point or Square

New point or edited point

Green point - synced to web app and the same on mobile and web

Here is the work flow fetch work flow to get data on to your device

Here is the sync work flow to get data from the device to the internet, cloud or what ever

If you are going super deep you can pull the base maps and then switch to offline mode

If you have purple stuff then new stuff is red you are probably not logged in. 

The app will log you out after a few hours

when you get back to service you can sync in your collected data 

If you go offline sometimes the app puts you in offline mode and you must switch back to online mode.

If you are really going off line. We suggest fetching and syncing in wifi then turning the phone on to airplane mode and switching on GPS. 

This will save battery.

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