How to import Shapefiles

Importing in zipped unit , point, line, and polygon shapefiles downloaded from a GPS or processed in GIS

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Prepare your files

  1. Remove self intersections form lines and polygons

  2. Name your fields - download your existing polygons as a template or name fields so the carry over

  3. Make sure your date field is an actual date

Acceptable field names that will carry over
name: - A required field and should be unique for each feature

name,  ident,  tident, surveyid, featureid

 description, descrip, comment, comments, note, notes, descriptio

gps_date, gps date, ltime, date, time, added

Zip Them Up

Shapefiles are made up of several different files so first you need to zip them up

On a mac 

select the files

Click and choose compress files

On Windows

Select the files 

Right click 

Choose send to 

Compressed Zipped Folder

Import to app

Navigate to GPS Import in the menu and select the feature type

Select the type of feature you are importing to

make sure your imported file has the required fields and they are poplualted

Drag and drop or navigate to your zipped shapefile

If it worked you will see the map pop up with your features on the map

You can view the individual features on the table tab

Select the features you want to import

If there is a duplicate it will say "duplicate"

Click save to import

Saved column will say "yes"

Confirm that they it worked and they are in the correct feature section

There are lots of reasons why this will not work ranging from bad dates to weird formats. So if it does not work please send the zipped up file to with a note and we will check it out

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