Some Additional Related Tutorials

Adding to lists

Adding to contacts

Adding taxa to lists

You will see a list of projects/ grants and milestones/ deliverables

A report that has been shared with you will show up as red and say start report

Start the report

Click start report

The report template will be created and the status will be "In progress"

You can fill in and answer your questions or copy and paste into the section

Make sure you save after entering text

there are save buttons at the top and bottom of the page

Green check is saved
Red ! is unsaved

Add Photos/ Documents to the report

Drag and drop into the dropzone

You can edit the name and description of the photos and documents

Save Save Save

You can save and return to the report later

Fill in each report section

You can select items from maps or draw on the maps

If you need to add to a dropdown list

If you need to add to a taxonomy list

When Ready to Submit

click submit at the top of the page.
Once you submit a report you will not be able to edit it unless the project owner returns it to you

Status will change to In Review

You can no longer edit the report unless the project owner returns to you

To export the report you can export the answers in excel

You will get an email about the status change

Export the report

Click view report

Then print or save the report

If you need help click theĀ 

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