Create the Project or Contract

Navigate Projects / Contracts -> Grants and Projects

Click Add Project + to create a new project

Or click Update to update existing project

Fill in the Project form -

  • Name the Project - the name of the contract (i.e. FY 2020)

  • Add the Project Owner - the person in charge of the contract

  • Set the Project Editors - other people that can approve and edit

  • Assign the Teams Shared With that will report for this contract


Add A Milestone/Report Template

this is the template that will create reports for your contractors or reporters

Navigate Contract/ Grant Deliverables

Click Add Milestone

Or edit an existing milestone by clicking on the green square

Select the project

Name the Milestone

Its should be unique. I like to include the project name

Set the dates

Its good to save now

Assign teams that will report for this milestone

They must also be assigned to the project or it will not show up on their dashboard

You can also use team assignment to hide the reports before they are ready. 

You can set up your report then not assign until it is report time.

Select the teams - 

click control to select many

Click Add to list to add the teams to the list

It's a good time to save again

Create Questions

You have two options for questions you can copy from another report/ milestone and/or you can add your own

To copy select the question template and click select

Questions will populate

You can add new Questions

You can remove questions

You can change question text 

You can drag and drop to reorder questions

it's a good time to save

Add the report sections

It you want the  report to have photo or document upload you set it here

Select the items use shift or command/control to select many

Click add to list to add 

Set the sections that each reporting team will see

Save your work

The reports are now pushed to the teams you selected they can now start their report

You can edit the report before a reporter starts the report. Once they start the report you cannot reedit the report

Rules for reports

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