Open up the list view and set your filter

Right click on the green edit check box of the record you want to edit  
choose "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link in New Window"

Duplicate that tab in your browser that you just opened by right clicking on the tab and click "Duplicate"

An new page will magically open

Change the word "Edit" the duplicated tab's URL to "details"  you can use the details page to confirm your edits

You will now have 3 tabs or windows open

  1. The list

  2. Edit view

  3. Details vies

You can line them up next to each other -- life is good now

Make your changes in the edit view

 Don't for get to Save

Confirm your changes in details view - you need to refresh the page with details to up date it

For the next record you want to edit switch back to the list view. Right click on the next record you wish to edit and open in a new tab. 

Copy the record ID of that record to the URL of the details tab. That will open up the details view to the next record so you don't have to do the duplicate tab dance again

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